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The LODI GROUP quality approach

LODI GROUP implements a policy of continuous improvement in order to strive for optimal quality. The management principles of the ISO 9001 standard are the pillars of LODI GROUP‘s quality philosophy.

Customer satisfaction…

At the heart of our concerns and strategy, we place the quality of our products and our service offer at the heart of our strategy, guaranteeing the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers. More than just principles, the relationship between LODI GROUP and its customers, as well as the constant quest for their satisfaction, are the building blocks of a true philosophy within our teams.

A commitment from all....

At LODI GROUP, everyone takes part in the continuous improvement of our quality standards. A proactive approach driven by the Management and involving all departments. This search for the best possible service quality is illustrated by a quality declaration, acknowledging the commitment of LODI GROUP‘s management.

The quality and satisfaction of our customers depends on the control and optimization of all our processes. From the production teams in the laboratory, to the regulatory and marketing/communication departments at our Grand-Fougeray and Rennes sites, to the sales representatives in the field in France and abroad, everyone is aware of quality issues and contributes to our commitment to continuous improvement.

...but not only

Not only because quality at LODI GROUP is also about being attentive to its employees by allowing them to develop and develop their skills. In principle, we establish the listening and satisfaction of our employees, who are also the guarantors of everyone’s involvement and customer satisfaction.

Quality guarantees

LODI GROUP has been certified ISO 9001 v2015 since February 2018 via the SGS organization for the following activities: Design and development, distribution and trade of biocidal and phytopharmaceutical products for the public health, livestock and stored food protection sectors.
LODI GROUP is certified GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) for physico-chemical analyses as described in Article Annex II to Article D523-8 of the Environmental Code and in the monographs of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).
LODI GROUP has held the Certiphyto approval since 2013 for the distribution of plant protection products to professional users.

LODI GROUP & regulatory

Our regulatory team ensures permanent regulatory monitoring to keep abreast of regulatory developments and provide advice and follow-up to our clients.


Daily monitoring of regulatory developments

Our team is constantly concerned with ensuring that the regulatory compliance of the products we market and those we offer under our customers’ brands is respected. The regulatory team is also responsible for the development and transmission of Safety Data Sheets and Technical Data Sheets for each product.

A team at your side

Before any new product is marketed, the regulatory department ensures the preparation of national, European and non-European marketing authorisation applications. The regulatory team offers personalized advice to our customers, particularly during the launch of new products, by providing assistance with mandatory declarations and support for labelling.
The many annual declarations are rigorously monitored: Ministry of Ecology (inventory, quantity declaration), Import/Export, Poison Control Centre via synapse. In addition, the conformity of products and raw materials with the REACH regulation is verified.